Travel-Zoom 2013

Encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and bridge the gap! Whether your specialty is sales, advertising and media marketing, branding and social media or technology and project management in tourism, Travel Zoom is packed with plenty of learning, collaborating and networking with the best influencers, corporate executives, academics and entrepreneurs.
By knowledge sharing we foster a culture of open innovation. Innovations are essential to our society because they make it move. And we like to move… in Bled style!

March 2013
Bled, Slovenia
22 videos

How to become a successful tourism destination: A step by step brand assessment

 en Strategy Director Gonzalo Vilar March 2013 31:01

eTourism Strategic Marketing revolution through technology enabled experiences and augmented reality

 en Director of eTourism Lab Dimitrios Buhalis March 2013 44:37

Russian social media for the destination marketing

 en Social Media Consultant Julia Trushina March 2013 24:09

Does the trust still exist? Bridging the gap between the promise and the product.

 en CEO Pawel Nizinski, GoodPlace, Slovenia Jana Apih March 2013 44:16
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Travel Zoom 2012

For the first time ever you can view Travel Zoom’s lectures from the comfort of your home!

International Conference on Strategic and Creative Marketing, Travel Zoom, held from 21 to 23 March 2012 at Bled, was the biggest marketing event for tourism to date. Over 70 speakers from 15 European countries shared their knowledge and expertise and we caught it all on tape!

So those who weren’t fortunate enough to be a part of this great experience don’t despair. We now offer you Video Lectures enriched with ...

March 2012
Golf Hotel
49 videos

Stress Tests for the Tourism Systems

 en John Tribe March 2012 33:53

Delta group hotel plans

 en Živorad Vasić March 2012 15:58
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